Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birkosit Turbine Sealing Compound

Application area, metal-to-metal joints

BIRKOSIT - Dichtungskitt ®

BIRKOSIT - Dichtungskitt ® Sealing Compound has been used for 50 years on Siemens turbines (product development 1952 with Siemens). Without the additional sealing of individual pressure areas using BIRKOSIT - Dichtungskitt ® the production imprecision or the distortion under loads are no longer evened out, which means that the turbine areas in the individual pressure areas become permeable under pressure. This means the turbine loses power, and can even lead to unplanned reconditioning.

BIRKOSIT - Dichtungskitt ® is formulated to be practically inert in its standard applications in steam and gas turbines. It is, therefore, resistant to exposure to hot air, steam, water, light fuel oils and lubricants. By implication, it should be resistant to crude oil and natural gas.

For placing your orders, please contact

Project Sales Corporation, General Agency of A.I. Schulze, for marketing BIRKOSIT - Dichtungskitt ® in India
28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530 020, AP, India; phone: +918912564393; fax: +918912590482

Ordering Instructions:
Pack Size: 1 kg
Price: Rs.4250 per KG
Taxes: CST 2% extra against form C, else 14.5% extra
Delivery FOR Destination through First Flight Courier/GATI
MOQ: 10 kgs
India Distributors: Project Sales Corporation, Visakhapatnam
Country of Origin: Germany

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